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Saturday, June 24, 2017
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Located along the Queen Elizabeth II Wing – Upper Hall, this space provides opportunities for local and provincial artisans to prominently display their works. This exhibit—which has featured everything from quilting and photography to sculptures— changes regularly.

Natural History: Art at the Provincial Archives

April 4- June 25, 2017

When an archive has artwork in its holdings it is frequently referred to as ‘documentary art’ because the content of the work tends to document people, things, places, or events in the past.  Yet, while documentary art may serve a historic purpose, it can also be enjoyed for its aesthetic appeal.

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan has a rich collection of artwork that is scattered throughout its holdings.  In celebration of the natural beauty of this province that awakens in spring and continues to flourish through the summer, they have reproduced selected works featuring Saskatchewan’s flora and fauna, which were created by artists whose records are now part of the Archives’ permanent collection.


The World Beyond is What I See…Presented by Laurie Blondeau

July 1 – September 24

Laurie Blondeau has spent most of her life with attention to detail, approaching life head down raptured by her inner world. Several life altering experiences created a deepened sense of love for Nature and her own inner essence. Her art is an expression of that essence; broad gestures, intense colours with contrast, and limitless expansion of space in a medium that has little forgiveness — watercolours.

This exhibit exposes our interactions with Nature. If one looks closely there are intense striking depictions of what is alive and what is not. The exposure of white indicates missing elements, what may not be around. Yet if we are mindful of Natures’ existence we could continue to play forever in its abundance. Our world is a precious entity, fragile, unique and slowly losing its breath amongst human occupation.

From the Prairies to the Trenches- Part III: Women's Suffrage to the Somme, December 1915 to December 1916

This video, the third in a five-part series on the First World War, recalls the events of 1916, as seen by both those serving in war-torn Europe and on the home front here in Saskatchewan.  The video features a rich selection of documentary material held by the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan and its partners which relate to Saskatchewan’s involvement in the First World War.

The video, along with the previous parts can be viewed online on the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan’s YouTube channel.  Also, be sure to visit their website for more information regarding this video series.

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